Manual powder booth MPB/1

Open fronted

of various sizes with bottom fume extraction, suitable for hand spraying of powder paint at moderate application rates.


in galvanised pressed steel modular panels, average size 2.22m x 1.11m to give a smooth interior assembly. Stainless steel can be offered as an alternative if required.

Working areas

generally 1.11m or 1.48m deep. Other sizes on application.

Ventilation rate

is generally at a rate of 0.5m/sec (approx 100fpm). The air passing through bottom slots.


with all known requirements and regulations.

Bag type after filter

are supplied as standard, but cyclones can be incorporated into the circuit if a colour change facility is required.


equipment all non-flip, certified electrical equipment on application.


normally supplied loose in kit form. Can be supplied built dependent on site access requirements.