Dry back booth MDF/2

Dry back booth MDF/2 demo

Full Open Front

with rearward fume extraction which is generally suitable for hand spraying of paint at moderate application rates.


in galvanised pressed steel modular panels 2.22m x 1.11m to give a smooth interior assembly.

Working area

2.22m high x 1.275m deep.

Ventilation rate

is at a velocity of 0.71m/sec (approx 140fpm). The air passing vertically through the exhaust chamber and output fan.


with all known requirements and regulations.

Axial Flow Fans

are fitted as standard. These fans have externally mounted drive motors and ‘V’ belt driven impellors. Supplied with flameproof and non-flameproof motors.

Non-flameproof starters

supplied loose.


supplied in kit form.